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Meet Dr Lucas Pessini—winner of this year’s Dr Prafulla Ganguli Award

11 November 2022

In this podcast, we speak to Dr Lucas Pessini, who was a fellow from the SILAN-HVH program in diagnostic neuroradiology at Vall d'Hebrón University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain when this article was published. He is now a Neuroradiologist at Conci Carpinella Institute, Córdoba, Argentina. Dr Pessini is co-author of a BJR|Case reports case review entitled "MRI findings in cervical spondylotic myelopathy with gadolinium enhancement: Review of seven cases", which was the winner of this year's Dr Prafulla Ganguli award. In the podcast we discuss imaging biomarkers of cervical spondylotic myelopathy, the main imaging modalities typically used to image degenerative spinal disease, the most exciting findings from the award-winning article, as well as Dr Pessini's thoughts on the benefit of case reports and his advice to others for writing articles.

"All of the cases are interesting, but one in particular I think is the most interesting of them all. It is the case of a patient with an extensive myelopathy with mass effect which gave the impression of a neoplastic disease [] that turned out to be a pathologically proven CSM. This case I think highlights how challenging the differential diagnosis of a myelopathy can be."
— Dr Lucas Pessini

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Time: 8:28
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Further reading

Read the award-winning article here:

About the speaker

About Dr Lucas Pessini

Lucas María Pessini Ferreira is a Neuroradiologist in the Department of Neuroimaging at Conci-Carpinella Institute, Córdoba, Argentina. In 2016 he received a scholarship from the Iberolatinoamerican Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Neuroradiology (SILAN), on neuroimaging education at the Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, US, under tuition of Dr Figueroa. After receiving a second scholarship from SILAN at the Hospital Vall d’Hebrón, Barcelona, Spain under tuition of Dr Rovira, he remained in Barcelona to gain experience in academic research. One of the many results of this experience has been the publication of the paper that is presented in this podcast.