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ECMP 2022.
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Renal hydatid is an uncommon finding, reported in less than 5% patients with hydatid infection. Hydatid involvement of ureter and urinary bladder is an even rarer entity. Renal hydatid is typically unilateral, solitary and arises from cortex. It is essential to be aware of the imaging features of the hydatid cyst for proper diagnosis. Knowledge of the imaging features of various stages is essential since treatment decision is based on cyst stage. Hydatid cyst can mimic several entities both benign and malignant. We present a pictorial review to illustrate the radiological imaging features of hydatid disease involving kidney, ureter and bladder region and its complications.


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  • ReceivedDecember 12,2021
  • RevisedMay 04,2022
  • AcceptedJune 01,2022
  • Published onlineJune 21,2022