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Case report

Use of colour duplex ultrasound to diagnose giant cell arteritis in a case of visual loss of uncertain aetiology

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Giant cell arteritis is a common condition that can result in permanent visual loss. It has traditionally been diagnosed by invasive temporal artery biopsy in cases of clinical suspicion. The findings of colour duplex ultrasound have recently been described. We report the use of duplex ultrasound to diagnose temporal arteritis, with clinicopathological correlation, and discuss the possible application of this non-invasive technique to the management of giant cell arteritis.


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Volume 77, Issue 919July 2004
Pages: 545-628

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  • ReceivedOctober 16,2002
  • RevisedAugust 13,2003
  • AcceptedOctober 09,2003
  • Published onlineJanuary 28,2014