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Case report

Giant renal capsular leiomyoma: study of two cases

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Leiomyomas of the renal parenchyma and of the capsule are rare. These tumours are normally small asymptomatic and often detected incidentally. Large renal leiomyomas can present with pain or as an abdominal mass, but they are rare. The imaging features of these tumours have been poorly described in the literature. A radiological distinction from other renal neoplasms is often difficult to make owing to the similarity of imaging findings. We report two patients with renal leiomyomas who presented with pain and an abdominal mass. Both patients underwent nephrectomy and histological evaluation confirmed the diagnosis of leiomyoma.


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Volume 77, Issue 923November 2004
Pages: 903-979

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  • ReceivedJanuary 06,2003
  • RevisedFebruary 16,2004
  • AcceptedMarch 30,2004
  • Published onlineFebruary 13,2014